Aksesoris YEASTAR

Aksesoris YEASTAR

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Yeastar EX30 Expansion Board

The Yeastar EX30 expansion board adds one T1/E1/PRI port to a Yeastar S100 or S300 IP-PBX. When you ..


Yeastar D30 DSP Expansion Module

Yeastar DSP Expanson Module for Yeastar S100 and S300 Systems. Install on the motherboard to expand ..


Yeastar EX08 Expansion Board

The Yeastar EX08 expansion board has 4 onboard module slots for the future expansion and 8 port RJ-1..


Yeastar S2 Module (2 FXS Ports)

The S2 is a module with 2 FXS ports to terminate two analog telephone. It can be used in MyPBX SOHO,..


Yeastar O2 Module (2 FXO Ports)

The O2 is a module with 2 FXO ports to terminate two analog PSTN(POTS) lines. It can be used in MyPB..


Yeastar SO Module (1 FXS Ports, 1 FXO Ports)

Unique PSTN Fallback Function! Make/receive calls even when system power break down. It can be used ..