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EVM200X Auto-Attendant provides 2 port SLT interface with expandable Auto Attendant and Audiotex system. Especially its unique mailbox will handle customer's messages during after office hours or line busy situation. It is a high quality and multi-functional system.

  • Auto-Attendant
  • Blind call transfer, supervised call transfer, and unsupervised call transfer for group extensions.
  • Day/night/noon/holiday operator service
  • Flexible extension numbering layout up to 9 digits
  • Hunt group operators
  • Multi-lingual greetings/prompts
  • Transfer destinations: hunt group extensions, internal extensions, external extensions, designated external phones, departmental secretary, and mutual mailbox.
  • Weekly business schedule and holiday schedule
  • Audiotex
  • 4 levels, 9 or 256 one-digit information menus and receptionists
  • Day/night/noon information menus and receptionists.
  • Mutual Mailbox (Answering Machine)
  • Message notification
  • Time and date stamp on messages
  • Variable message recording time
  • Variable number of messages (up to 198 messages)
  • 3.5mm “Audio In” jack for downloading announcements
  • Voice storage with FLASH-EPROM
  • Capacity: 36 minutes (EVM2006A) / 60 minutes (EVM2010A) / 10 minutes (EVM1001A)
  • SLT interface: 2 ports modular growth(EVM2006A/2010A) / 1 port(EVM1001A)
  • Power: 13VDC / 1.3W
  • Size: 25.5cm (D) x 15.5cm (W) x 4.2cm (H)

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Yosin EVM200X

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