Auto Attendent DSG AA9600

Auto Attendent DSG AA9600  merupakan sebuah mesin penjawab yang di kombinasikan dengan mesin PABX sehingga dapat membuat Greeting dan informasi melalui rekaman suara sehingga secara otomatis memberikan informasi secara cepat kepada penelfon baik di kantor maupun rumah anda.

Dual Port System
AA9600 is a dual port system that is capable of processing two calls simultaneously. 

Alternate Main Greetings 
Three announcements can be recorded for both manual and automatic changes at preset times of day. Besides, there are 2nd language greeting and temporary announcement available. Also caller can get into department directories by dialing a preset number. 

Attendant Overflow Capability 
This smart feature allows the system to answer automatically after a preset number of console rings has been detected. 

Multiple Unit Expansion Capability 
For large volume applications can be handled by using multiple expansion units where just one unit should be programmed and recorded. 

Department Directories 
A department key can be set to include the appropriate department directories and preset extension groups. 

Flexible Call Routing Structure 
Preset templates of common branch layouts can be used as is, or modified by the installer to handle any routing requirement. 

MS-windows Compatible Voice Quality 
A high digital voice quality level with noise filter which compatible with MS-Windows. 

Announcement Storage 
Up to 10 minute's memory space with the same high quality level. 

Voice-Prompted Programming 
Pre-recorded instructions such as press '1' for modifying and '2' for saving, assists users in the programming process.

Forever Exist Voice 
All programming and recorded announcements will never be lost even without on-board battery.

Separate Busy / No Answer Handling 
Depending on the status of the called extension, the system will give different instructions and transfer the call to the appropriate location.

Spesifikasi    :
  • Day/Noon/Night Greeting
  • Second Language Greeting
  • Multiple Port Capability
  • Department Directories
  • Multiple Menu Levels
  • Built In 2nd Language

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Auto Attendent DSG AA9600

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